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Driver Profile

Driver: Wayne Martin

Racing No: 12c

Age: 33

Car: Stockcar (Holden V8)

Occupation: Boilermaker

Married: Amanda

Children: Sean, Cameron and Hannah

Tracks raced on: Woodford Glen, Ruapuna,Blenheim, Greymouth, Dunedin and Westport

Most respected rival: Gravity

Favourite driver: Roger Bertrum & Gregg Murphy

Acheivements:4th New Zealand ministock champs 2003 Qualified for New Zealand Champs 2000, 6th Otago Champs 2000. 1st Ministock feature (Oxford)

Dissapointments: Puncture in Third heat of the Otago champs and rolling my car at the New Zealand Champs 2000. Being passed by my old racecar.


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